Penny Gnomes Update

I’m beginning to hear feedback from a second round of readers, and am happy folks continue to enjoy the book! I’ve also found time to release the book on Kobo! Maybe one day I’ll consider a Google Play books release as well, but I don’t know anyone who uses that platform so I’m not in a rush. At present In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes is available for purchase through four sites.

Purchase at AmazonPurchase at Barnes & NoblePurchase at iBooksPurchase at Kobo

I continue to receive feedback from local readers, and am pleased people seem to be enjoying the story. One person highlighted how much he enjoyed the interplay of the Narrator, which thrilled me because the experiment I did with that character could have blown up in my face 1.

If you haven’t purchased a copy of the book yet, I hope you’ll consider it. Penny Gnomes ran around in my skull for almost two decades before I got it out for the world to see, I’m excited for people to delve into my strange imagination.

If you are reading, or have read, the novel would you please consider writing a review? These help people become aware the book exists, and with a marketing budget of zero dollars they really help.

Happy reading everyone!

  1. And if you want to see what this Narrator business is all about you’ll just have to buy the book. Naner-nanner-nyah-nyah.