Happy Holidays

It’s just about the beginning of Advent, which triggers my annual month of grouchiness and grumbling. So if you wish me well, my response will be a genuine, “THANK YOU.”

Hanging On

I went for a short walk on Saturday and came across this lone holdout from summer.

I’m Not A Gig

More and more it seems like gigs like weddings and funerals is all there is left in this society for clergy to do. I find that sad.

Share Your Gifts

This past week a friend of mine shared Apple’s recent holiday short film with me. It’s a wonderful story, which hits me right in the feels. That’s a phrase I will endeavor to never use again.

Penny Gnomes Price Drop!

If you’ve been considering picking up an eBook of In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes then this is your lucky weekend! Now through Sunday the eBook is on sale in the Kindle store for only 99 cents! I’m a bit biased, but this would make a great read for a holiday weekend. %error% Just…

Giving Thanks

So in the United States today is Thanksgiving. There’s a whole story made up about this being based on a feast with the Pilgrims and the Native Americans, but it’s mostly nonsense. National days of thanksgiving dot US History, and the first one of the current republic 1 was declared by George Washington in 1789…