I’ve been dealing with a lot of longer thought pieces the past few days. So I wanted to take some time and share some photos of the Blood Wolf Super Moon we had this past weekend. Due to a number of factors 1, I didn’t stay up until the moon turned red. But I did manage to capture some photos of the moon after the eclipse had begun 2.

My first photos of the moon were taken hours before the eclipse began. It was very windy, so I feared going outside would shake my tripod so much that long exposures would be useless. I opted instead to set up my camera pointing out my daughter’s window. I had difficulty finding infinity focus in this setup, but the effect pays off. The winds were blowing so fast the clouds were zipping by, so in my long exposures they show up as glowing blurs 3. I really like the effect.

Near full moon surrounded by glowing clouds
Panasonic G7 with adapted 80-200 mm Minolta lens • 200 mm • ISO 100 • ƒ/3.5 • 2 sec

My second favorite was taken after the eclipse had begun. The Earth’s shadow is well on it’s way to covering the Moon’s surface, and some fine details are able to be picked up. I was a bit bummed I didn’t get any mountains or craters along the terminator, as this is normally impossible to do during a full moon, but I still like the photo. By this point the moon was so high I opted to head outside, though I kept my tripod low to the ground to minimize the impact of the wind. As I was using as app on my phone as my remote trigger this wasn’t much of a issue 4. I managed to find infinity focus and my outdoor shots are much sharper.

Moon, partially Eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow.
Panasonic G7 with adapted 80-200 mm Minolta lens • 200 mm • ISO 100 • ƒ-stop unknown (I think 22, but I’m not certain) • 1/6 sec

  1. Personal illness, Bump not sleeping well due to an ear infection, and it was freaking cold
  2. In retrospect, I should have stayed up the extra half-hour, my neighbor got a kick butt shot and he didn’t even use a tripod. 
  3. Which is what I was going for. 
  4. Though I should invest in a nub stylus for occasions when I’m out photographing in the very cold. My fingers hurt


  1. Awesome photos! And, it WAS cold. It was -27 degrees C with the wind chill factor here in Windsor, Ontario. I would venture outside for just a few minutes at a time. Thanks for the tips on how you took the photos. Moon shots are a challenge for me!

    1. wezlo says:

      Thanks! We were below zero Fahrenheit here with the wind chill. I’m glad you enjoyed them!

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