Spring Bloom

I took this photo last week, when the skies were blue and the allergies were exploding. I love the lens compression it displays.

On the Beach

Earlier this week I attended a clergy retreat in Harvey Cedars, NJ. It was a blessed time, filled with time for contemplation instead of programming. I spent a good portion of our time in silence walking the wintering streets of the Summer resort with my camera. Few cars were out, fewer houses were occupied. My only earthly companions were the wind and the sky above me.

Fireworks Photography

Thursday evening we headed to our friends for an annual get together before Riverton Country Club held their fireworks display. They live at an excellent vantage point for the show, so the past few years I’ve brought along a camera and tripod to capture some photos 1. This year I opted to shoot with just…

A Change In Perspective

I’ve been playing with my new circular fisheye lens for the past few days and am really enjoying the results. Today I solved one of the difficulties I’ve been having while getting used to this new glass.