I don’t mean to brag but…

I can’t be certain, but I think Bump might be a ninja. He is able to disappear in a heartbeat and then emerge somewhere else, holding something he’s not supposed to have 1.

His favorite object for which he invokes his ninja skills is the television remote, and his technique is a wonder to behold 2. First, he moves toward one of his favorite toys, angling about halfway between the toy and wherever the remote has been laid. He’ll keep his eyes on me, and wait for me gaze to move away for a second. At that moment he activates his ninja skills and will, by stepping out of space-time, appear standing up someplace else waving the remote in his hand like a trophy. I am impressed with his impressive skillset, but good grief am I too old for this.

  1. It could also be because I’m 46, overweight, and out of shape. But my cholesterol is good so I have that going for me. 
  2. Seriously, I know it’s coming, and he’ll still get it. 

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