Random Thoughts #4

It’s Wednesday! Time for unexplained random thoughts!

  1. It’s my birthday. Yay me.
  2. The point of voting isn’t winning, it’s the act of voting.
  3. I read history for fun, which is both enlightening and depressing.
  4. If I could completely dump my MacBook and do all my mobile computing on my iPad Pro, I would.
  5. Primaries are when private clubs pretend to be democracies.
  6. I’ve gotten bored with Sports Talk, so I’ve begun listening to NPR on my commute.
  7. I cannot make myself be interested in podcasts.
  8. My idea of a good time is sitting by myself and figuring how to do something in a piece of software that I’ve never tried before.
  9. I’m an INTJ, which is the personality type from which Bond villains are patterned.
  10. I am touched when people value my thoughts on a subject, I am also confused as to why anyone would want my input.