Random Thoughts #6

It’s Wednesday, that means random thoughts!

  1. I’ve started making watermarks for people. It’s fun.
  2. Brain teasers anger me.
  3. Elsa’s parents are a lesson in completely missing the point. Those folks have issues.
  4. I don’t understand why people are frightened by public speaking.
  5. There aren’t enough people around with whom I can make the claim, “Camus was a wuss” and understand what I mean by it.
  6. Ditto for, “Ellul weenied out.”
  7. I also wonder if people are satisfied by bad public speaking because they’re just relieved they aren’t doing it themselves.
  8. My grandmother’s family was excommunicated from the Mennonites because an ancestor fought in WWI. They became Methodists, and Wesley has been a family name every since.
  9. When I came to faith at Lancaster Mennonite High School, I kinda closed the loop on the Mennonite thing.
  10. A piece of advice. If the meme you share isn’t a joke you’re making on yourself, step away from your device and calm down.


  1. I would have never guessed you had Mennonites in your blood! That’s a fun bit of family history to share. 🙂 And I understood why people loved Frozen–or Frozen II–so much. Course, it helps my kids weren’t huge fans either, preferring dragons instead, thank Heaven…

    1. wezlo says:

      My maternal grandmother’s line are a direct descendants of Hans Herr.


    2. That’s soooo cool!

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