Random Thoughts #8

It’s Wednesday, time for some random thoughts.

  1. Yes. People should wash their hands even when we aren’t in a pandemic, but when soap is a virus’s kryptonite it’s not dumb to remind people to be diligent about it.
  2. I’m a nervous nail-biter. And I’m always nervous. The “don’t touch your face” warning is difficult for me to follow. But I’m trying.
  3. I’m still going to Spring Training.
  4. It’s fun that the Flyers are finally fun to watch.
  5. There is a segment of our population which seems to think pointing out the nature of our current health emergency is an attack on our country 1. I don’t understand this.
  6. Bump is about the cutest thing on the planet.
  7. I’m testing an application called “Vellum” to make ebooks and do simple book layouts. Where has this been all my life?
  8. While I have not delusions about a young ascendant team winning the Stanley Cup, it would be typically for Philly to win it all and then be told we weren’t allowed to have a parade because of COVID-19.
  9. I don’t do the happy birthday thing on Facebook.
  10. As far as Facebook is concerned, my children’s names are “The Girl,” “The Boy,” and “Bump.”

  1. I was told that, specifically. 


  1. Jamison says:

    I’ve given up on not touching my face. I’ve switched to just being more diligent about having clean hands when I do.

    1. wezlo says:

      I use my sleeve if I’m not sure.

  2. Chris says:

    I absolutely believe #8 is destined to happen. I wonder if a little NJ Devils parking lot parade would be allowed?

    1. wezlo says:

      Perish the thought.

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