Random Thoughts #9


It’s Wednesday, even with social distancing this means random thoughts!

  1. Disney, thank you for releasing Frozen 2 early.
  2. I have more direct connection 1 with other human beings during this pandemic than I normally have in the better part of a week.
  3. I should be in Florida right now. In the town where all the irresponsible people are at the beach.
  4. Colbert did a show from his bathtub. I don’t think I could pull that off for worship, but I kind of want to try.
  5. Teachers everywhere are trying to figure out how these remote instruction day work, have patience.
  6. Parents with school-age children, your kids didn’t read the instructions.
  7. When public life is allowed again, I’m taking a month off. Seriously, I have the vacation time.
  8. I’m slowly coming to grips which how Scrivener creates it’s eBooks. Writing CSS for custom looks is kind of fun.
  9. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a nerd.
  10. I’m very tired.
  11. I dropped off something for a congregant today. I told them to stay away, put what I was dropping off on the ground, and then backed away while ordering them to wash their hands immediately. That was weird.

  1. Over the Interwebs.