Up a Creek

Tree growing from the bank of the Tacony Creek
Panasonic G7 with 7.5 mm 7artisans lens • ISO 200 • 1/160 sec • ƒ/8

Yesterday I got some time away on my own and headed over to Tacony-Creek Park. My intention was to walk a bit of the trail which follows the creek and capture some pictures. Unfortunately, when I arrived I was greeted with a rather large “Walking Trail Closed” sign 1. I did, however, manage to get down into the creek bed and capture a few photos before I turned around and went home. I’ve included my favorite photo here. I love how this tree hangs on to the edge of the embankment and manages to thrive. That may be a good metaphor for our culture in present days.

  1. Which many people were ignoring, but I was out of state and didn’t want to mess around.