Random Thoughts #26


It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts!

  1. If I have counted right, this is random thoughts number 26. I’ve been doing this for half a year. Most of that during the pandemic.
  2. This GenXer is fed up with Boomer Christians lamenting over “loosing the Millennials.” My eyes are tired of rolling.
  3. Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee.
  4. Taking your shoes off at airport security is theater. Wearing a mask is not.
  5. Went for a walk with my wife and Bump yesterday evening. It’s amazing when people see you pushing a stroller and make zero attempt to social distance and make no move to put on a mask.
  6. I got Sunrise photos this week. I wanted to capture the comet but the sky was too bright by the time I got down to the river.
  7. Have I mentioned I enjoy coffee?
  8. Evangelical spirituality is too often limited to, “Isn’t it great that we’re secure?” It’s not enough.
  9. Anti-maskers are saying masks are a test to see how compliant people will be. I think they may be right, but not for the reasons the conspiracy-theory spouting self-destructive imbeciles think.
  10. I watched an intra-squad Phillies game on YouTube last night. It almost felt normal.