Tonight’s the Night! Howlmark Begins!

I’ve been planning for almost a month. Characters have been created, scenes have been set up, narrative blocks were written, new software has been learned, a beta test run, and a “session 0” run.

Tonight, Howlmark begins!

To mark the occasion I decided my players needed a nice introduction. Here’s the tools I used to create the video:

The bumper was created using Apple Motion 1.

The video was created on my iPad in Luma Fusion.

The map was created in Wonderdraft.

The icons were created in

The Howlmark logo was created in Affinity Designer.

The fact that my iPad played such a large role in creating this teaser pleases me to no end.

  1. I could have done this on my iPad in Luma Fusion, but I like using Motion for stuff like this.