Random Thoughts #50

Wednesday randomness coming up!

  1. My favorite time of the day is early morning. There is silence, and coffee.
  2. In my tutorial session for Howlmark this past Sunday my wife called down fire from heaven on a hobgoblin. It was awesome.
  3. Some cheese-ball Christmas movies can’t even be saved by wine.
  4. I believe, over the years, I have received no less than six presents from folks at Central Baptist which bare Darth Vader’s visage. I’m not sure if this says anything about how folks see me, but I love my new Darth Vader beer glass.
  5. I am not witty. I am, however, anxious in crowds. Sometimes the latter impersonates the former.
  6. Last week a conversation with a friend led me to this description of my experience producing online worship during the pandemic, “It’s like Annual Session that never ends 1.”
  7. I want to write 5000 words in The Darned Conspiracy this week since I’m supposed to be off. Moving forward my goal is 2000 words a week. That’s not a lot, but the 2000 word goal required more energy than I was able to give myself this past fall.
  8. I have plans for my “World of Frosden” campaign setting. Oh so many plans.
  9. There are too many things in which I am interested for me to become fixated on any one of them. As such, I’ve got a bit of knowledge in many things, but I’m not an expert in any of them.
  10. If we turned 2020 into a science fiction movie I’m sure critics would pan it for being “unrealistic, even for sci-fi.”

  1. For folks wondering what that means. For over a decade I served the American Baptist Churches of New Jersey as Communications Coordinator. A huge chunk of that time was spent preparing materials for our annual meeting. Usually from March through September.