DM Tales is Live

Yesterday I recorded, edited, and uploaded my first video for my new DM Tales YouTube channel. This first week was an introduction explaining why I decided to start the channel, but I’ve got plans.

My initial arc is going to explore the different tools, and the process, I used to create the campaign setting I’m using for the two groups currently playing through my first adventure. Here’s the videos I’ve got planned right now.

  • Making world maps–shaping the environment
  • Keeping track of lore–organizing notes
  • Populating the world–politics, factions, and deities
  • World history–why the world as it is
  • Encounter Maps–creating token space
  • Shaping the adventure–giving PC’s something to do
  • Making NPC’s–villains and background characters
  • The Virtual Table–playing in the pandemic
  • My DM experience–the dance of collaborative fiction

And throughout these videos I will, as the page title suggests, tell stories. Some will be from my experiences as a DM, and others as a player, I hope they’ll all be fun.

In the future I hope to have some guests on who will share some of their own tales, and perhaps reviewing some tools other DM’s may want to use, even if I don’t. I’m looking forward to it!