Random Thoughts #98

It’s the day after the Turkey Feast, normal schedules are all messed up, and my brain is bouncing around like a super ball. These are random thoughts.

Random Thoughts #97

Happy Wednesday, when I inflict the swirling vortex of my mind on to my unsuspecting readers. This is random thoughts, and this week I thought I’d dedicate it to the Monday Murder Hobos.

Making an Origin

My BasicFantasyRPG table was designed to be a one-shot to see if I enjoyed running the system, but we were having so much fun we just kept going.

Random Thoughts #96

Ah Wednesday. The day when I unleash my swirling mass of brainwave on my readers and bring both confusion and clarity. These are random thoughts.

Just Add An Apple

Whenever a new player joins the group, it’s always a fun challenge to create a narrative reason for their character to appear.