DM Tales, I Learned Some Things

This week I recorded, edited, and released my second video for my “DM Tales” channel. I’ve embedded the video below, and would be honored for readers to take the time to watch it 1. I released the video yesterday morning, which also happened to be “GM Day 2,” which I did not know was a…

DM Tales is Live

My new YouTube channel kicked off yesterday, here’s what I’m hoping to do with it.

Announcing DM Tales

I’m staring a YouTube channel to talk about the stories I’ve acquired as a beginner DM!

The Cookie Crumbles, a DM Story

Last week I ran the second session of Howlmark for my Monday night party. Things went sideways rather quick, which is fine because going sideways is kinda the point of D&D.

Enter Howlmark

One thing the pandemic has allowed me to do is reconnect with RPG’s. My fascinating with tabletop Role playing games has always been there but, as a tween and teen I never had anyone to play with 1. And over the years I just never had time to make the treks that would afford me…

Always Test

I have a basic principle when it comes to running tech for any sort of event. Always test it first.