The Cookie Crumbles, a DM Story

Last week I ran the second session of Howlmark for my Monday night party. Things went sideways rather quick, which is fine because going sideways is kinda the point of D&D.

Enter Howlmark

One thing the pandemic has allowed me to do is reconnect with RPG’s. My fascinating with tabletop Role playing games has always been there but, as a tween and teen I never had anyone to play with 1. And over the years I just never had time to make the treks that would afford me…

Always Test

I have a basic principle when it comes to running tech for any sort of event. Always test it first.


I dislike things like puzzles and brain teasers. I hear stories of people who do escape rooms and I cannot comprehend the appeal. When confronted with such things I sieze up in a matter of moments and bail. Perhaps “dislike” isn’t the best word to describe my relationship with puzzles, brain teasers, and the like….

In My Lane

There is a statment I’ll often make when I’m confronted by some technological problem which took me a bit to figure out. “I wonder what normal people do?” The answer is, often, “They call someone like me 1.” Then the pandemic washed over the country in March and I came to realize just how relevant…

Going Remote–An Idea For Teachers

On August 13, the Palmyra School Board voted to begin our school year all online. This was the right call to make, as there are too many unknowns and the mitigation strategies put in place at schools would be terrifying for younger students, but it does stink. Our education system was in need of a…