Blending Trick

I’ve been watching some tutorial videos on the excellent Affinity Apps the past couple of weeks, and discovered a trick in Affinity Photo I’d never before seen – Blend Ranges. After seeing this tool in action in several tutorial videos I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of it before. It’s makes compositing a ton of…

Still Mobile!

After I left Adobe behind, I was worried my days of developing RAW files on my iPad were behind me. Then I remembered Affinity Photo could develop RAW files.

Creative Faith

I had a sudden inspiration on Good Friday this past week, could I convey the movement from Good Friday through uneasy expectation of Holy Saturday and the Joy of Easter through a series of composite images?

Virtual Travel by Composite Editing

One sad part of this summer was missing our typical trip to Williamsburg. And yet, through the power of composite editing, Bump was able to visit Williamsburg this summer – virtually.