Winners and Losers

I’ve been contemplating the concept of a Winner for a while now. Those who Win drive society—but is that a good thing?

Winning Isn’t Enough

As people in my circles have become increasingly alarmed over the rising tides of xenophobia and racism wash over the country I’ve been seeing the question, “What can we do?”

Cultural Memory Loss

The loss of cultural memory is something I find myself musing upon, a lot. I’ve written two novels, and published one, and the loss of cultural identity plays a role in both stories.

The Only Way…

During my Junior year at LMH I was asked to give a quote for our yearbook.

Nothing to Say

I’ve been pondering sharing some thoughts on the inaugural weekend for much of the day, but the more I see how people are treating one another the more frightened I am to say anything. Frightened to say anything because of the fury and disdain I see Donald Trump’s supporters direct toward detractors. Frightened because of…

Reaction culture

As I’ve written four drafts on this post and could make none of them work, I’ll just issues some short thoughts for today. A reaction is a direct result from some external stimuli which tends to heighten self-importance, establish our own rightness in our psyche, and seeks out enemies which much be “dealt with.” A response…