Nothing to Say

I’ve been pondering sharing some thoughts on the inaugural weekend for much of the day, but the more I see how people are treating one another the more frightened I am to say anything.

Frightened to say anything because of the fury and disdain I see Donald Trump’s supporters direct toward detractors.

Frightened because of the absolutest language I hear coming from those who are protesting, leading me to feel unsafe. 1.

Frightened because I see friends biting one another’s heads off as they react to other’s words, comments, and posts.

Frightened because I’ve seen how easily I can be sucked into the frenzy.

What if this is how the First Amendment really dies? Not through power structures which only protect the oligarchy, but because our culture has come to agree on at least one thing.

People are only really free to speak when they are in complete agreement with me.

What if the First Amendment dies because we’re too busy devouring our foes, and too frightened of our neighbors to raise questions about our own actions?

I have nothing to say, and now I fear I’ve said too much.

  1. And this one, in particular, hurts. These are the people with whom I most closely align.