See The Lights

I don’t care for the Christmas season in general, but I do like seeing how people decorate for the holidays. It gives me a chance to practice taking some night photography.

I’m not into the big and gaudy displays, it just isn’t my style. Instead, I like clean and simple decorations 1, which is also how I treat design in general.

I was in the mood to look for simple and clean decorations last night when I headed out after dark with my neighbor to capture a particular tree, hoping the snow had managed to remain on its branches. I was thwarted in this pursuit 2, but was afforded to take the opportunity to photograph some of the clean and simple decorations I found around my home. My favorite of these shots is below.

Clean and Simple Christmas Lights
Nikon D7000 with 18-105mm lens • ISO 800 • 30mm • ƒ/4.5 • 1/100 sec

  1. My childhood home was a stone-faced house which was illuminated by a single spotlight. Every year my parents hung a wreath right at the focal point of the light, and it remains my favorite decoration of all time. 
  2. Darn Sun melting stuff. That will be the only time I’ll say that line. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    Growing up in Moorestown. The only decoration was the nativity scene that I painted on each window and the tree inside decorated with with a few very old Christmas balls and paper chains we made in school.

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