Diverging Shadows

We had a break in our endless humidity and thunderstorms last night, which afforded me an opportunity to stroll down to the river and capture some photos as the Sun set.

By The Water

I’ve been spoiled for much of my adult life. After being spoiled all these years by being near the beauty of water, I can’t imagine living in a land-locked area.

Late Afternoon Glow

Today was another amazing day for a walk in the Philly area, with temperatures reaching almost seventy degrees! How could I not go for a walk?

Ice Flows

Temperatures approached sixty degrees today, which felt like eighty after the weather we’ve been having . So I took the opportunity to throw a coat on Bump and head out for a photowalk.

It’s Cold

After our recent cold snap I knew the river would look pretty cool. So I took my camera along for the ride during my one excursion from the house today.