Diverging Shadows


We had a break in our endless humidity and thunderstorms last night, which afforded me an opportunity to stroll down to the river and capture some photos as the Sun set. It was nice to be away from the oppressive heat and humidity, if only for an evening 1, but such is summertime in the Delaware Valley.

My favorite photo from last night’s set is below. I love the way the shadows from the twin tree trunks diverge as they move out of frame. The Sun’s glow in-between the two gives everything an other-worldly effect, and the reflection of the Sun’s rays off the water give the impress of two glowing orbs rather than one. I don’t like the way my Panasonic’s lens flares, though. It has an ugly green cast and is more “glob” than pretty sparkle. To rectify this defect, I brought my developed photo into Affinity Photo and removed the offending globs. The result is a much nicer photo.

My other favorites from the photo walk can be viewed in my Flickr album

Diverging shadows from twin tree trunks as the Sun sets.
Panasonic G7 with 14-42 mm lens • 14 mm • ISO 200 • ƒ/11 • 1/320 sec

  1. It all comes back Monday! 

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  1. We’re under a crazy concoction of precipitous clouds, too.

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