Risen Indeed

He is risen. This is the traditional greeting for Christians on Easter 1 for centuries. It’s the message of hope for the Christian faith. Jesus, God in the Flesh, died but is risen. The doors of death have been kicked open from the inside, sin has been conquered, and the hope of the New Creation…

On behalf of Palmyra, and other depressed towns

Yesterday I got some of the saddest news I’d received in my 9 years living in Palmyra. Citing “family reasons,” our school super-intendant resigned. He’ll stay on to the end of the year, and attempt to create a momentum which will carry the district forward, but I can’t deny the news was a blow. I…


We’re all supposed to be signs of present hope. Too often we forget this truth and use the light given to us in order to zap people in submission.


I was playing around with a new iPad app the other night and made up this poster for my blog. It’s mostly just for fun, but if anyone wants to link back here by using this image I don’t mind! This was made in Phoster, in case you were wondering.


For the last couple of weeks I’ve been watching “The War” by Ken Burns on Netflix.  I guess Veteran’s day is as good a day as any to share some reflections on the nature of this documentary series. First, due to my Mennonite background, I lean heavily towards a pacifist expression of the Christian faith….


I’ve been worried about this for years, ever since I met a fellow believer who was more concerned about my thoughts on the age of the universe than my thoughts about the Lord of the universe. This is more than a “those silly fundamentalists” strip, though, just look at the colors.