In Remembrance of our Savior

Throughout the course of this presidential campaign I have grown more and more distressed at the state of Christian political involvement in the United States. From Evangelicals abandoning their decades long assertion only moral people were acceptable as candidate for office to Progressive Christians willing to spread rumor and innuendo because it supports their vision of the future 1, no one has come out of this looking good.

And, while I am absolutely clear in my opposition to Donald Trump and everything he stands for, I also have no great desire to see Secretary Clinton win the presidency 2. And yet, I have been fed of a constant diet of people who insist their candidate needs to win for Christian ideals to go forward. I’m not with her, and as a Christian my desire is for America to strive to be righteous rather than great. The King of Creation transcends partisanship, and it’s far past time for Jesus’ disciples to remember that.

So I, pastor of an insignificant little church in an insignificant little town with an insignificant little blog, am going to do what little I can to reset our focus.

On Tuesday, November 8 at 8PM Central Baptist Church of Riverton-Palmyra is going to hold a short Communion service. Why 8PM on election day? Because it’s when the polls close. By that point, political rallies are useless. And the calls I’ve been hearing to pray for the election, most of which are nothing more than calls to pray “our candidate wins over the abominable other candidate 3,” will have lost their purpose. In New Jersey, at 8 o’clock PM on November 8 these things no longer matter. The votes have been cast, the decision has been made, and all worldly agendas masquerading as religious devotion will have temporarily lost their power.

At that moment, I hope the body of Jesus Christ rises and says, “We are disciples Jesus, whose Kingdom is not of this world. And we have only one Lord.”

If you’re anywhere near Palmyra, NJ I invite you to come out and join us in proclaiming this singular statement. If you are not, I invite you to consider doing the same in your area once the polls close. May we grasp the hands of people who come from different political ideologies and again become a prophetic voice of love to a country divided by fear, hopelessness, and hate.

  1. Occupy Democrats is the Fox News of the Progressive world. 
  2. The reality is, she’s a 1980’s era Republican foreign policy hawk with a couple of progressive ideas tacked on. 
  3. And, by far, most of these hidden agenda calls come from Evangelicals. We Christians have a lot of repenting to do.