This is another image from Willingboro Lakes Park, it’s another remnant of the Park’s commercial past. Years ago these steps led down from one area of the recreational area, down toward the larger of the two lakes on the property. Now they’re cracked, weed-covered, and partially buried.

Sometimes I wonder if these steps look like the path of faith. It’s worn, cracked, and unkept — covered by weeds and buried in the muck of this world. They look uninviting, and seem to lead nowhere you can’t get to some more beautiful and easy way. But finding faith, much like finding these steps, is the discovery of a mystery. It speaks of those who have gone before, and those who will go after us. And it echoes with the presence of the one who calls to us, “Follow me.”

This Holy Week Jesus’ disciples are climbing the cracked and dificult steps of faith once more, on the way to the Cross. And to the resurrection beyond.

A short set of old, worn, steps
Nikon D7000 with 18-105mm lens
ISO 200
1/320 sec



  1. Peg Horton says:

    There’s a sermon all around us,if we go seeking it, You find it in most interesting places .

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