The Fog

This was one of the best mood photos I’ve taken in a long while. I’ll need to get it developed in Black and White as some point.

A Good Fog

Yesterday morning I woke to a most wonderful fog.

In Fog

This morning South Jersey was covered in a stunning fog. So, after dropping my wife off at work, I grabbed my camera and headed up to take some photos.

Light in the Fog

As the temperatures rose last night, my fellow “shutter hubby” and I decided we should hit the street and grab some pictures. The fog was so thick we didn’t need to leave our block to capture some interesting sites. You can see my full SmugMug gallery here. My favorite from the set is actually an…

December Fog

As I strolled toward the parsonage after Portuguese class last night 1 I noticed an amazing glow around the street light on our corner. So I marched inside and grabbed my equipment to see if I could capture the scene in a photograph. I love the many subtleties of this photograph. The glow of the…

A Walk in the Fog

The weather forecast was calling for rain in our area yesterday afternoon, which again put a bit of hiccup on my goal to do some walking on afternoon visits. Thankfully, I was scheduled to lead chapel at Riverview Estates in the morning, and so decided I’d get a short walk in on my way 1….