Light in the Fog

As the temperatures rose last night, my fellow “shutter hubby” and I decided we should hit the street and grab some pictures. The fog was so thick we didn’t need to leave our block to capture some interesting sites. You can see my full SmugMug gallery here.

My favorite from the set is actually an HDR image comprised of six different exposures. This type of image is where HDR is a dream. By combining the six exposures, I have a good amount of details hiding in the highlights of the street lamp, and yet both the droplets of water and the branches of the tree are fully visible. The backlighting, combined with the etherial gray from the fog, gives this image an other-worldly feel — completed with a nice lens flare.

Back lit tree branches in the thick grey fog
I shot this at 200 ISO and a focal length of 48mm.

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    I like the pic of the ice on the branch best. Enjoy your day off.

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