A Walk in the Fog


The weather forecast was calling for rain in our area yesterday afternoon, which again put a bit of hiccup on my goal to do some walking on afternoon visits.

Thankfully, I was scheduled to lead chapel at Riverview Estates in the morning, and so decided I’d get a short walk in on my way 1. As is my practice, I took my camera with me.

Yesterday morning a thick fog hovered over our area, and gave my photographs a distinctive look, especially down by the river. I didn’t take many photographs, but was pleased with the ones I captured. My favorite is displayed below.

Walks in early November are bitter-sweet. The landscape is absolutely stunning, but soon the leaves will all be down and color will hibernate until Spring returns 2. Photography in Winter is also interesting, but far from my favorite portion of the calendar.

Nikon d7000 with 18-105mm lens
ISO 160
1/160 sec

  1. It’s less then three-quarters of a mile from my house, so it’s not a lot. 
  2. With allergies.