Creative Faith

I had a sudden inspiration on Good Friday this past week, could I convey the movement from Good Friday through uneasy expectation of Holy Saturday and the Joy of Easter through a series of composite images?

The Gaze

I’m not a great street photographer, mostly because I hate taking photos of people’s faces without asking permission. So when I take photos that would fit into the street photography category I’ll often show with their backs to me. We often equate of the “back of someone’s head” with a lack of attention, or consider…

A Holy Journey

I got a text from our local Lutheran pastor just before Lent this year, inquiring if Central might be willing to partner up for Holy Week worship.

Good Friday Tired

It’s Good Friday, and I confess I’m weary. To be clear, I’m not weary of Central Baptist. The church I pastor is actually a source of great joy for me. I’m weary of wider American Christianity. Perhaps its the confluence of peak allergy season with my busiest time of year, but the more I see…