Random Thoughts #65


Wednesday ramblings. It’s random thoughts time!

  1. This almost feels like a real Holy Week. Perhaps Lent will end this year.
  2. Last time I went to a large national Christian gathering it felt very much like my early middle and high school experience. Every clique had their own turf, and if you crossed these invisible lines people looked at you with mistrust. Now I’m being encouraged to pay $100 to do that virtually. No thanks.
  3. Making coffee in the morning is a small and wonderful joy.
  4. Someone described Central to me this week as “controlled chaos.” It’s as good a description for Central as anything. It’s not for everyone, but it’s genuine.
  5. I have huge surprise set up for my Monday Murder Hobo party, I’m quite excited by it.
  6. It’ll be in the mid-40’s for Easter sunrise service, I’m still looking forward to it. I’m also wearing jeans and a hoodie, because why dress up for a service where most people will be in sweats 1?
  7. Every time I see someone announcing their vaccination 2 I want to weep tears of joy.
  8. Last night we recorded some music for upcoming worship gatherings, including one of my favorite hymns for Maundy Thursday. As the music played my heart was moved, and as we interacted I laughed with such wonderful cheer.
  9. Yesterday Bump figured out the whole pedaling thing when we were out for a walk. He did it once and I could see the gears turning as he thought, “Hey, that was cool.” He pedaled for the rest of the walk, pausing only to put his feet back on the pedals or to look though his binoculars.
  10. Jesus Christ is Lord. This is the proclamation from which Christian worship flows, and it does not entail relaxing in the halls of worldly power. Rather, it leads us to a cross on the outskirts of town and an ember of hope fanned to life by an empty tomb.

  1. And, occasionally, in bathrobes. 
  2. Though, please stop taking pictures of your records, OK?