Happy Holidays

It’s just about the beginning of Advent, which triggers my annual month of grouchiness and grumbling. So if you wish me well, my response will be a genuine, “THANK YOU.”

A Week in Music – “This is Me” and “How Far I’ll Go”

I know many writers enjoy immersing themselves in music as they write, but listening to music has never been a way for me to find that metal space where my words pour from my mind and through the keyboard into my work. It’s not because I don’t enjoy music, it’s that I enjoy it too much. When a song comes on which touches my soul I feel compelled to stop everything and just be. And, if the song is anywhere near my vocal range, I need to sing.


The past few weeks I’ve begun to realize one of my personal disciplines had slipped. I wasn’t reading. This happens from time to time, as life and work conspire to distract me from doing real self-care, and this past Fall was one such season. I’d finished some history books in September and failed to pick…

Socially Awkward

I will typically refer to myself as “socially awkward” or “socially mal-adjusted,” and in response to this assertion one reader of this blog asked me, “May I ask why you consider yourself socially mal-adjusted?” I’ve been pondering the question ever since. At it’s core my self-proclaimed declarations of social mal-adjustment refer to my quirky introversion….

Moment of Peace

This weekend I’m in Long Branch at ABCNJ’s Annual Session, where I’ll be running the media. It’s busy weekend, with a lot of people 1, and it comes at the end of a very busy week. Friday afternoon was filled with an excellent inter-faith discussion on the nature of faith, evangelism, and charitable interactions. It…