A Punch In The Face

Over the past few months we’ve been migrating ABCNJ’s team communication to Ryver. It’s been smooth transition, with one hilarious exception.

Ryver’s iOS app seems to be a wrapper for their web interface. It has some glitches, like notifications not clearing when seen on another device, but it works well and the team is pleased with the platform. It’s easier to keep organized than Slack.

A side-effect of being a web-wrapper, however, is that emojis show their Unicode designation in iOS notifications. This is not a big deal, unless your boss likes to give you a fist bump when you complete a task or successfully collaborate on a project.

The Unicode designation for the emoji people use to give virtual fist bumps is “facepunch.”

One day a week or so ago we were being particularly productive and, according to my iOS notifications, my boss punched me in the face seven times. I found this hysterical, especially when I brought it up to my boss 1.

  1. After some initial confusion about why I was complaining about him punching me in the face, he also found it hysterical. 


  1. Jamison says:

    You really needed to screenshot that LOL

  2. Thanks for the clarification! 🙂

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