Random Thoughts #68


On Wednesdays I invite you, the reader, to wonder how I manage to function. These are random thoughts.

  1. I had lunch with two friends yesterday. It was the second Tuesday in a row for this, and it makes me so happy 1.
  2. This coming Mother’s Day will mark my 18th year at Central Baptist. This blows my mind. I’ve watched kids grow into adults, buried far too many people, not baptized enough 2, and seen people come and go. I’m not the person I was when I started, neither is the church the same place it was when I arrived.
  3. I paid for a second month of HBO Max so I could finish Babylon 5.
  4. The Monday Murder Hobos keep collecting NPCs 3. This makes the world feel alive, but when he head to a scene with multiple NPC’s in it can be… interesting.
  5. Bump is an awesome hugger.
  6. We are looking forward to having our neighbors over for game night when they are fully vaccinated. And binging shows together 4.
  7. One phrase I keep hearing from pastors the last couple of months is “decision fatigue.” I get this.
  8. This week I got to use a monster with which the Monday Murder Hobos had no prior experience. That was cool.
  9. I have some translating to do this morning, then I think I may go for a walk.
  10. Threading the needle between letting folks know they can come out to worship, without pressuring them to come out, is a tricky needle to thread. The problem is, there’s no “standard sizes” to apply here. Everyone’s risk and comfort levels are different. What’s an invitation for one person can be interpreted as pressuring to another–and I refuse to guilt people into coming out for worship.

  1. We ate outside. 
  2. Whatever “enough” is. 
  3. Non Player Characters. 
  4. D&D around the table with actual dice also sounds good.