We Will Not Forget


The post below was written for the Central Baptist Church website. I am reposting it here because my voice is actually a little louder on Painfully Hopeful.

The Message

On Sunday, February 12, residents in a neighborhood not too far from Central Baptist woke to find hate literature in their driveways. The cards, disguised as valentines, encouraged people to join the KKK and to stop “homosexuality and race mixing.”

It also invoked a reference to “God’s Laws,” encouraging people to not forget.

On behalf of The Central Baptist Church of Riverton-Palmyra, and with the blessing of our Church Council, I will say we will not forget.

We will not forget the call to hospitality and ministry of reconciliation given to us by our Lord, Jesus Christ. We will continue to welcome all and work for justice in this world.

We will not forget the great power of sin to feed off people’s longing and fear, and we will continue to strive to live out a witness to the call of shalom.

We will not forget the spiritual, mental, and physical destruction hatred causes. Not only to those targeted, but also to those who spread it.

We will not forget the life, death, and resurrection has already conquered the powers of sin and death. And will stand with those targeted by people who still wish to wield their sing.

We will not forget we are part of the story of a New Creation, and with joy we will invite others to join in this journey.

We will never forget,

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.
John 1:5, NRSV