Last Snow (I Hope)

Despite my struggles with winter, however, even I am able to see the beauty in a world blanketed with snow.

Frosty Path

I enjoy capturing photos of pathways. To me they convey the idea of a *journey*, where change and growth happen, and I suppose it’s why I find photographing them so fascinating.

After Snow Macro Trial

Macro photography is a whole different animal from the type of compositions I normally capture, which made my experiments an interesting exercise.

Winter Dunes

The Philly area has been hit with some rare weather the past few weeks, culminating with a prolonged period of temperatures in the teens 1 and a Winter Nor’easter. We’re used to these storms on the East Coast, with their strong winds and abundant precipitation. It’s just that the abundant precipitation is typically rain. This…

Oh Slush!

This past week the Northeast was supposed to suffer from a Pi-Day Blizzard. Much of the Northeast did, indeed, experience a Pi-Day Blizzard. We got slush. I’m not a fan of snow. I like it once during the Winter so I can take some pictures and enjoy its beauty, but after that I’m fine if…

Winter Robins

The Philadelphia area got its first real snowfall this past Saturday, which kept us indoors most of the day. Oddly enough, it also gave me the opportunity to take the best “up close and personal” nature photos I’ve ever taken. A flock of robins, who have are wintering in South Jersey for reasons beyond my…