Oh Slush!

This past week the Northeast was supposed to suffer from a Pi-Day Blizzard. Much of the Northeast did, indeed, experience a Pi-Day Blizzard.

We got slush.

I’m not a fan of snow. I like it once during the Winter so I can take some pictures and enjoy its beauty, but after that I’m fine if it never shows up again. Late February and early March had me convinced snow was in our rear-view mirror. Multiple photowalks in 70-plus degree weather will do that.

While I would much rather have no snowfall, however, a real-life blizzard is my one exception. Blizzards snarl things up, leave a lot of beauty behind, and our neighbors usually get together to play games as the storm rages outside. So a potential blizzard made me a little less bummed that I might otherwise have been.

But… we got slush.

To be more accurate, we got around four inches of snow and then suffered many hours of slush falling from the sky. This led to a lot of damaged trees, as well as some wide-spread power-outages 1. And it was a pain to clear.

I headed out during the slush-storm to run the snow blower around the church and my driveway. While I managed to clear what had fallen, it took a long while 2. Later, when a crew when out to clear the church steps, I experienced the full weight of what fell from the sky. It looked like we were clearing an easy two inches of snowfall, but it felt like we were shoveling super-dense matter which had somehow escaped a quantum singularity 3. Slush does not like to be moved.

I do not like snow, but I really dislike slush. That stuff is awful!

And I don’t have any pictures, I don’t want to give it the satisfaction.

  1. We never lost power, but others nearby weren’t so fortunate. 
  2. The blower tended to ride up on to the compacted slush, which meant I had to back up and do second passes every four feet or so. 
  3. It was heavy. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    Cheer up spring is next week. That is what it says on the calendar.

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