After Snow Macro Trial

We had a bit of snow in the Philly area on Wednesday. It didn’t amount to much, but it left a nice layer of icy slush on some of the local flora. I wanted to capture this interesting texture, so I thought it might be a good time to play with the macro adjustment lens which came with the kit I got for Christmas. This lens screws on to the end of my lens, thanks to an adapter which matches the 46mm thread on the front of my lenses.

Macro photography is a whole different animal from the type of compositions I normally capture, which made my experiments an interesting exercise. I was also shooting macro handheld, which is next to impossible, but it was still able to capture a few workable photos with the adjustment lens attached and my favorite is below. While it’s far from perfect, I’m intrigued enough to pull out the lens in the future. Along with a tripod, that is.

Macro of icy slush on a leaf
Panasonic Lumix G7 with 25mm lens and macro attachment • ISO 200 • ƒ/5.0 • 1/125 sec