End of Season

It was a stunning morning in the Delaware Valley, so we decided to head out to a local park and stroll a bit.

Summer View

I may not like the beach itself, but the *sight* of it causes me to sigh with contentment.

Summer Vacation

After worship today I will be on vacation the next two weeks.

Filling Up

Saturday was one of those perfect late-Summer days which calls me to head out and explore the world.

Season’s End

This is always a strange time of year for me. After Labor Day a switch gets flicked and the Jersey Shore begins to prepare for a sleepy off-season, swim clubs lock their gates until the Memorial Day, and the semi-relaxed pace of Summer is tossed away as everything 1gears up for a “return to business2.”…

Season’s End

Last night we had some neighbors over for a cookout. It was fantastic time, which included some amazing burgers topped with melted hot-pepper blue cheese and buffalo sauce 1. The kids played, the adults told stories, and a good time was had by all. Then the party broke up, and it felt like time had…