Theophiles is a go..


For the last several years I’ve been a regular participant on a site called Christdot (X. for sort).  I even rose to the rank of admin, and permanent poll option!  While the journey was fun for the most part, and while I’ve formed some great friendships through the site, today that chapter of my life came to a close when X. shut it doors for good.  This makes me sad in many ways, and yet I’m encouraged that many admins (with the blessing of X.’s founder) have moved on to form a discussion site with many of the same goals as X.

So, let me invite you all to participate in the conversation on


  1. wandering says:

    Why did Christdot close?

  2. wezlo says:

    John was migrating servers and the conversation had dropped off to a level, with content he found embarrassing on several occasions, and felt the time to shut the site down had come.

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