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If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that a couple of weeks ago I was out at Green Lake, WI for a conference.  It was a good time for both myself (who went) and my family (which didn’t go).  Since I’ve been back, however, we haven’t seemed to have a day to ourselves as a family.  First, we had a toddler over-night while his parents were out.  Then two of our friends had to travel for a family funeral and we ended up watching their “kids” (2 dogs) for the better part of a week (these dogs have to sleep in a bed with a person – which split my wife and I up while they were here).  Our weekend was busy with extended family events which were wonderful – but it just seemed that our immediate family wasn’t connecting.

On Monday, we had our Mexican Church meeting and I ended up working for 6 hours prepping my bit of the presentation (which is still not finished) and attending the meeting (I do hate that Church stuff is “work” for me, but it is).  This meant that I missed the after-school playtime with our kids (morning was spent doing errands).  This bummed me out, and I rarely do this to the kids – but it was a moment of urgency.  So after the meeting Monday night my wife said, “Let’s all just stay home tomorrow.  We can head down to the Franklin Institute with the Kids and just spend a day together.”

You have to understanding, my wife and I skip nothing.  We don’t miss worship (actually, for me that’s kinda hard), she never skips her small group, I don’t bow out of meetings, and when our kids are signed-up for something they are there every time.  It’s part of our family ethic, and it’s a good thing.  It is also good, however, that my wife and I are able to recognize when our ethic of reliability needs to take a hike.

So, Tuesday the kids stayed home from school (we called in and told them what we were doing) – and we headed down to the Franklin Institute for a day of awesome Science Fun.  It was a great way for our family to reconnect after a couple of weeks of our schedules getting in the way.

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  1. Mel says:

    Yay! Family time is good. I love that growing up (and until relatively recently) we always did things as a family. It’s really a necessary thing.

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