Early Father’s Day?


Yesterday our family went to a 50th birthday party for one of my wife’s earliest mentors. As a bonus to seeing some folks we hadn’t seen in a while, my wife’s parents were also invited to the party – and they brought our kid’s birthday presents with them.  This is always a good time.

An interesting thing about my son is that he’s recently become enamored with the various colors of light-sabers.  He had a blue one, and one that actually changed colors from green to red, but he’s been wanting to complete his color collection for a couple of months now (purple being the crowning achievement for him).  So grandma finished his collection (the basic kind, not anything overly fancy).  Now my son has every color of light-saber ever seen in the movies.

I haven’t been to keen on getting light-sabers, because this means that when friends come over I suddenly find myself in the middle of various Jedi duels (with assorted minor injuries).  Yesterday evening, however, I pretty much became a fan of the light-saber collection.  My son and I were pretending to duel a bit (very slowly, and for some reason he insisted I use the red one).  I was having a good time, until suddenly my son pulled back his light-saber and held out his hand suddenly to do a force-push!  Needless to say, I was ecstatic.  The prequels may have largely been a disappointment, but it’s neat to see how they caused this story to span generations even more than it already would have.

Happy Father’s Day early for me, I guess.

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  1. grizzly says:

    So, it’s Darth Wezlo now? 😉

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