I’ve been shown up…


I’m trying to help Central’s community become more part of one another’s lives through a Wii™ bowling tournament.  My friend Todd is putting together a forum on dealing with suburban poverty.  Suddenly, I feel like I’ve become the youth ministry major who wants to be a youth pastor because the games are fun.  Man, I need a micvah.

I could point out that I ran an ongoing 6 month forum on the nature of Church mission and structure to make myself feel better.  I can, so I will – there, I feel better.  I even think I’m free for Todd’s forum, anyone else want to go?

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  1. Mel says:

    Don’t feel bad. Given who Central is, a bowling tournament might actually be more effective. You’ve got to start someplace and games are as good as any.

    Otherwise, the poverty forum sounds intriguing.

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