What a Day


Today my family had an unexpected turn of events.  We were called upon to care for the children of a couple from our church community due to illness.  It was our pleasure to do it.  Yes it did create a good deal of stress in our household once everyone got home from school, but life is stress we’ll recover.

Why did we do it?  I suppose that some folks might say, “Well, because you’re a pastor.”  Those people would be wrong.  I don’t step in and help folks from our community (church or neighborhood) because I’m a pastor.  My wife doesn’t take care of other people’s children on a moment’s notice because she’s a pastor’s wife.  We do these things because we’re Christians – end of story.  Why don’t I like it when people say, “Well, you’re a pastor, of course you do that?”  It’s because comments like that leave other folks off the hook.  As long as “the pastor” is handling things, they don’t have to step in or even keep their eyes open for opportunities like the one we we’re given today.  I don’t do ministry as the proxy of my fellow Christians, I help shepherd people so I can do ministry with my fellow Christians.

I especially love it when my fellow Christians reciprocate.