Things I hardly ever hear anymore…


I was thinking earlier today about things that I used to hear every week at Central which I rarely hear anymore (if ever).  Here’s a list of some, to give some balance let me also share some things I am hearing at Central.  Enjoy!

Things I’m not hearing

  • If we do that, [so and so] will be offended – so let’s do something else.
  • Maybe if we put [so and so] on a board, they will become more involved!
  • I’ve been hear “x” years, and I think that should matter in this decision.
  • We’ve never done it that way before (serious)
  • We’ve never done it that way before (mocking tone)
  • We can’t do that.

Things I do hear

  • Thank you for making me join that class.
  • You know, I think that sounds like a really interesting opportunity.
  • It’s good to be here today.
  • I have an idea of something I’d like to try
  • I’ll do it!
  • I feel quite welcome here

So, even though we’re no where near where I’d like us to be (heck, I’m not ever where I’d like to be), the things I’m both hearing and not hearing when among the folks of Central tell me that we actually are moving forward.  This is a nice thought to have as I get ready for vacation.