Prayers for a peaceful transition

Our regional pastor asked the Churches of ABCNJ to offer prayers of thanksgiving and supplication for a peaceful transition of power in Washington.  I was only too happy to oblige, but forgot to do it the first week because I’m just that way.  Another member got the message, however, and reminded me that it was something we should be doing, to which I readily agreed and I wrote this litany for us to use in worship last Sunday.  I provide it for anyone interested:

Litany of Prayer for a Peaceful Transition

Lord, we live in a world that is groaning for redemption.  We struggle with the realities of war, poverty, and disease – and long for you to make the world whole once more. We recognize that you raise up leaders in this world who keep us from falling into chaos.  Leaders who bring stability and justice.  We also know that the peace they bring cannot be permanent, for you alone can bring redemption, but we are grateful for their work in this world.  We pray our leaders and those they rule.
For president-elect Obama and those he chooses to advise him.
Lord, we pray to you.

For those who shape our laws in congress
Lord, we pray to you.

For the relationships between nations, that all the peoples of the world would seek peace.
Lord, we pray to you.

For those who live under rulers who have forsaken your call, and live for their own comfort rather than the pursuit of justice.
Lord, we pray to you.

Lord, we also rejoice that we live in a country whose greatest innovation is the peaceful transition of power from one group to another.  Too often we fail to realize how rare an accomplishment this is in history.  We give you thanks for the gift a peaceful transition, and we pray that those who live in this country would not lose sight of this gift.

We pray for those who spread hatred and fear in order to pursue their own political victories.
May they learn the wisdom of civility.

We pray for those who feel the heady thrill of victory.
May they embrace their opponents as neighbors and friends.

We pray for those who’s lives are in turmoil in this country, and around the world.
May they find their way forward in hope, rather than in fear.

Jesus, we pray these things as your people.  Citizens of your kingdom and yet sojourning in this world.  May we reflect your peace, love,  joy, and wisdom in this world.  That all who encounter the faint glimpses of your kingdom in us, and all the mercies of this world, would seek the light of your Truth.

Lord, in your mercy.
Hear our prayer.