OK, here’s an example why I want the culture war to end…

Folks, this video from CNN (which I’d love to embed, are you listening wordpress.com?) is a great example of why the culture war needs to end.

Two points:

  1. President-Elect Obama might not be Christian according to this pastor – but neither can you even remotely make the case from President-Elect Obama’s own words that he could possibly be a Muslim.  It would have been nice if Rick Sanchez actually would have pressed that point.
  2. The pastor’s contention that the separation of church and state isn’t part of the constitution is just whacko.  The establishment clause is there to keep the establishment of a church state so we could go beyond toleration of other sects and actual free practice of religion.
  3. The statements from the Pope and Billy Graham actually don’t correspond to President-Elect Obama’s.  They actually hold to one path – who is Christ.
  4. Where did the 3 branches government based on Isaiah 3 come from?  I mean, what?

Poor interview technique (I’m sorry Rick, but Jefferson wasn’t even in the country during the Constutional convention) – and worse correlation by someone who comes off as a mental light-weight in the name of making sure that he’s not on the side of the guy who won the election.  It’s a scorched earth reaction to what the view as a tragic loss.

Here’s the thing – these folks have every right to have their religious opinions – but I with that they’d care more about the type of response they are gunning for in posting what amounts to lies and innuendo on their publicly viewable signs.


  1. coffeezombie says:

    I don’t think it’s necessarily accurate to refer to this pastor as a “mental lightweight.” Many intelligent people can be woefully misinformed for a variety of reasons (heck, I wonder how many otherwise-intelligent people, if asked to recite the preamble to the Constitution, would start with, “We the People…”).

    At the same time, I somehow get the impression that this interview was less about asking the pastor what the deal is with the sign, and more about the interviewer making the point that the pastor is wrong. Now, I don’t have the context to know what kind of show this is, but the interviewer seemed pretty well-researched (in the sense of looking up quotes to prove his point, at least) on certain topics.

  2. wezlo says:

    Let me be clear. He comes off as a mental lightweight because he is never able to give any semblance of evidence for why he doesn’t think his sign is an out-right lie. The rest of his comments are just a sad example of ignorance to historic reality.

    Rick Sanchez gave the pastor props the next day for “admitting his mistake,” which I really don’t think he did. He certainly did some research – but his correlations didn’t pan-out as well as he thought he did, and like you said, he really ignored the sign completely – which was a mistake because it would have made for a better interview.

  3. Blake says:

    I’m with you. In this “age of information” why is that we seem to be more MISinformed than ever before? Frustrating, huh?

    I think I probably don’t agree with very many of Sanchez’ opinions (I don’t know him, have never watched him), but he REALLY missed the point on this interview. He never pursued the OBama thing. He should’ve.

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