Summer ends, the madness begins

Today is the “unofficial end of summer” for the majority of folks in the country.  Vacations are coming to an end, the boardwalks are holding their clearance sales, and kids all over the country are preparing to head back to school.  Even though my kids don’t head back to school until next Monday, I can’t believe that the school year has basically arrived.  Is it really September?

September is always a month of madness for us.  As much as my desire is to keep the church operating full-tilt over the summer, it seems that I’ll only ever be partially successful at this.  People are so culturally conditioned to gearing up come September that it’s a tough habit to break – and it doesn’t help that we still re-start Sunday school in September with the prerequisite party for “rally day.” And it’s not just us, our Christian kin seem to share the same mentality that September means cramming as many things into it as is possible.  People head to conferences, concerts, and our denominational region holds it’s annual session every year in September (I’ve tried convincing people to move this date, but to no avail).  Oh yah, and in September my yearly preaching schedule gets underway.

I breathe a sigh of relief every time September comes to an end.

This year, however, I did something wise.  When I prepped my fall sermon series I worked back from where i wanted it to end, and found that the week after Labor Day was open.  Now, I’d normally just add a “one shot” sermon on a short book of the Bible – but this year I glanced at my responsibilities for annual session and thought, “You know, that looks a job for a guest preacher.”  So we’re having Rev. Elmo D. Familiaran come and join us for worship this coming Sunday.  That way, I get my work for annual session done, the congregation gets to meet a wonderful member of our regional ministry team, and I’ll still be free to care for congregation members without feeling like I’m losing my mind.  Win-win.

The madness of September will still fall on me, but at least I’ve shared the load.

Oh, and one of my stated goals in life is to make Elmo’s cell phone ring the Elmo’s World Theme Song.  This might be a great opportunity!