(coffee) Zombie Film Idea

A friend of mine stated on twitter today that he wanted to start a blog about coffee roasting, and solicited names.  I suggested “Coffee Zombie” because that’s his nick on a site we’ve both been involved with.  He liked this idea and further added that the tag-line should be, “Beeeeaaaaaannnnnsssss!!!”

These are things my friends and I come up with over the most powerful communications tool ever invented on a lazy Friday late in the afternoon.  Hey, at least it’s my day off.

Well, you can’t give me an idea like that and not expect me to dream up something insane from it.  So now I’m thinking of writing a screen-play to do a (coffee) Zombie film that we can release on YouTube.  Why?  Because it sounds like a whole lot of fun.

Anyway, here’s my IM litany of describing the opening scene, kept just as it appeared in my friend’s IM chat- enjoy:

it has to start near the It Department of some research firm with an exec showing up after getting a late night call
“what happened?”
“It’s the IT overnight staff, they ran out of their normal coffee and went looking for some..”
“Tell me they didn’t break into the experimental food lab?”
“Yes sir, they ground up some beans, but before they even brewed it up they went all funny.”
“Yah, they started wondering around and staring into space like me and Jim weren’t even there – they brewed the coffee like robots?”
“Where is Jim?”
“Gone, sir.”
“Yes, he went over to see what the IT workers were doing and he mentioned smelling the coffee and…”
“He went all funny too, sir.  I don’t mind saying, but I’m scared out of my mind here – so I called you right away.”
“That’s ok, I think we can get a lid on this just…”
[there is a banging sound, camera pans and finds the COFFEE ZOMBIES standing at the end of the hall]


  1. coffeezombie says:

    I’m glad to have been a part of the inspiration for this.

    Also, I would hate to see you on drugs. I mean, if this is what you come up with *sober*… 😉

  2. wezlo says:

    The only drug I do is coffee, and that’s just to control my ADD… really….

  3. Frank Reeder says:

    Its late on a Friday afternoon. You better have coffee.

  4. Melanie says:

    [segment cuts to flashy music bright scenery and a guy in a suit with a big white smile that can only be achieved via a tv make up crew]

    “And that MY friends is why you should always choose coffee. coffee is brewed from the finest organically grown beans by local expert farmers. Our beans are perfectly grown hand picked and roasted to deliver the best tasting coffee you will ever drink. No more zombified mornings or late nights for you! Remember if it’s it won’t leave you brainless.”

    [Throughout there are flash images of coffee being poured into cups, shots of south american hill sides, coffee being ground etc.]

    [The end cuts back to the ‘factory’ staff outside of their meticulous looking plant all holding raised coffee cups. They all speak though the words are flashed across the bottom anyway with trade logo]

    ” Coffee. Won’t leave you brainless!”

    [Anouncer – prefereably one of the guys used in liquor commercial fine print]

    “Located at stores nation wide. Please drink responcibly.”

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