A Week Off

I’m off this week.  This means, given that the kids were in school Monday through Wednesday and my wife’s family is coming here, I’m hanging around the house.  I have to say, it’s nice.  I don’t really like traveling all that much because suddenly a vacation turns from “rest” to planning how to fill one’s time.  I plan how to fill my time when I’m working, I really don’t like doing it when I’m off. Notable exceptions to my dislike of travel are the Jersey Shore, Williamsburg, and Gettysburg.  Otherwise I’m a “staycation” kinda guy.  Though the Jersey shore is really just the extension of one’s home town for everyone living in the greater Philadelphia area so I guess that really doesn’t fit into the travel category. I’ll even be in worship at Central on Sunday so I can be with my friends there and support the wonderful man who is coming to share with us.  There are times where I do visit other churches when I’m off – but I like worshiping with my friends at Central, and when I’m “off” on a Sunday the congregation respects that and lets me enjoy being out of the center of things.

I bring this up because a friend of mine came over to help me hang some stuff up yesterday (actually, I watched and learned) and he asked me, “Aren’t you on vacation?”  I said, “Yup.”  Then he smiled and said, “You really suck at going on vacation.”  This was my friend Absent Scott, who just got back from a cruise – so I can see how the contrast was rather large for him.

In actuality, I’m quite happy.  For the last three days I’ve played with my kids (we’re trying to get all 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy) and dusted off my copy of Civilization 4.  When I’ve felt like it I’ve read out of the Lincoln Biography on my night-stand, and I’ve have lunch with a good friend.  My one regret is that I forgot to save a novel to read over vacation, though I might have a couple of the free ones I got from amazon in the kindle app on my iTouch.  In other words, I’m de-stressing.  I’m even trying to get back into my exercise routine despite the crowded house (the cold that leveled me the other week got me off balance there).  I’ve been rather stressed since September because I failed to stagger my vacation time – so it’s really nice to de-stress.

So, happy Thanksgiving folks – how are you de-stressing?